Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Resolutions, again!

It's a new year! This one is going to be so different... Ha ha! Well, that is the typical viewpoint, especially in January. However, I know that I am changing and I am asking God to change me more and more this year. I remember last year thinking, desperately, that I couldn't stay the same and my heart's cry was for God to deal with some of the junk in my life. I can't say that I'm totally different, but I feel ready to become ESTABLISHED.

Have you ever noticed how time is speeding up? Yesterday I was a teenager, sneaking out of the house to get into trouble. Tomorrow, I will be the mother of a house full of teenagers. That's what it feels like anyway! So there has to be a solution. How do we embrace today, change the way we live, stop being lethargic and begin to prioritize the things that really matter?

First things first. I've been so proud of my new habit of regular exercise - I have goals and I've made it a priority. In the same way, I plan to make some goals in my spiritual walk. I've been pretty consistent with spending time in the Word everyday, but I need to consider my habits and whether they are worthy of being emulated in my own kids. That reminds me of a quote:

He that thinketh he leadeth and no one followeth simply taketh a walk

Where exactly am I going? As my kids grow older, I see my characteristics showing up in their lives. Sometimes they are the good characteristics, like showing kindness and care for others - sometimes they are my bad characteristics, grossly exaggerated.

I know that I have been rambling, but I do have a couple things that I should put out into bloggy-land so I'm committed. First, I'm going to be taking a Bible college course and finishing my diploma. That, I believe, will give me a more firm direction with my spiritual walk and Biblical studies. Next, I am going to make this a year of reorganizing my time to cut out the things that don't matter. I have so little time to invest into the relationships around me, and I want to prioritize my spouse, my kids and most importantly my God above all the clutter that this world offers.

Happy New Year! Here we go...

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