Sunday, February 15, 2009


Today I wrote some random almost "the Message" style poetry...

Feels like...
A whirling, swirling non-stop merry-go-round.
Tornado tumbling by, tossing trash at me.
Hideous, high-pitched hyenas heckling me.

So much noise, confusion, change but no change.

Inside I'm sad and somber. Silently serious.

Outside I cope. Work through another day.

Wonder what normal is, what normal does?

But I'm not hopeless, in mishap and despair.
And the weight I carry isn't mine to bear.

Still have to learn to let go.
Not very good at giving up.

I lift my eyes to the star studded skies, walking on a snow-blanket prairie that ripples as far as my eye can see. Where does my help come from?

Help comes from the master-mind, universe-creator Who sees-all, knows-all, loves-all.

Apparently I'm in good hands...