Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mommy's Loud!

I made an interesting observation today. One that revealed some of my actions that I'd like to change... soon!

I am a mother of 5. My kids are loud, rambunctious and generally well behaved, but very energetic! My youngest is only 3 months old, but one of the cutest baby boys in the world, if you ask my opinion! He is a delight.

Anyway, when I was pregnant this last time, I was often quite grumpy and life felt pretty much out of control. I can't say I would get very many "nice Mommy points" if there was a contest out for that.

Well, you know how babies learn to recognize their mother's voice in the womb? It's amazing really, how they can tell when Mommy is talking to them from the time they are newborns! So here's what I alarmingly figured out today: I was yelling at one of my kids (again!) and I looked over at Benjamin, expecting him to be a little bit startled or concerned. But no! He had this huge grin on his face as he watched me yell my children into submission... as if he was thinking "That's my Mommy!"


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