Friday, February 4, 2011


It's a whirlwind, the world I live in. A constant running to and fro, up and down, back and forth. My children dance around me like little leaves being tossed by the wind; fluttering and occasionally close enough for me to catch. When I have a moment, I look down on the fragile little life in my hands and I am captured by the intricate design, delicacy and preciousness. Then "whoosh" and the winds of life blow us on to the next activity.

Will it slow down? Sometimes I wonder how I can ever fit in all the enriching, culture, love, prayer and creativity that I wish filled our home on a daily basis.
Wouldn't it be lovely to sip my coffee in the early morning with children happily tucked under my arms, some good literature being read and lovely classical music in the background?

Yet my attempts in the meantime are constantly thwarted by spilled milk, playdough being put where playdough does not belong (in the nose or mouth!) - or, once again, the baby is playing in the toilet!

"Children, " I say in my sweet motherly voice "Remember that one must always shut the lid of the toilet when one leaves the bathroom." (Well.. maybe it doesn't come out quite like that, but writing is often filled with great intentions!)

For the time being, God grant me patience.

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