Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Missing Persons Report

Case Name/Number: CWR11275

Missing Person Report


The MPR provides a format to collect information in an efficient and coherent manner and is used to support a missing person investigation. It may also be used as a guide for conducting an interview. Information used to complete the form may come from multiple sources and from multiple interviews. Use a separate form for each interview and collate the information in a master file. If there is more than one missing person associated with this case, use a separate form for each subject.

Last seen:

Approximately 12 years ago

General Appearance:

Attractive, modernly dressed woman with an artistic flair.

Distinguishing marks:

Some freckles and a couple small scars - no stretch marks to be seen

Describe all items the subject may have been carrying such as pocketbook, wallet, backpack (describe contents of each), cell phone, keys, pocket knife, pager, camera, weapon, etc.

Subject is likely carrying a backpack containing art pencils and a sketch pad. The backpack may also contain hand-written sheets of music, and various books.

General Mental Health:

The subject is of sound mind - She is known to be creative and bright.

Additional Information and Comments:

This person went missing shortly after becoming married. The spouse is not considered a suspect in the disappearance of the subject.

The subject liked to frequent obscure coffee shops where she would indulge in local music, and write poetry. She was known to keep a journal. She was known to spend hours a day immersed in musical pursuits, and for a period of time was involved in a band.

Any information leading to the whereabouts of this missing person would be considered strictly confidential. We do not need your name, just your information.


I've lost someone! Long before I had children, there was this soulful, artistic, creative person who had time for art and music and who wrote nonsense in a journal. Somehow, having one baby (and then 5 more), has transformed me to a different person altogether. I have stretch marks, wrinkles, and I think even a few white hairs! I don't stay up super late at Denny's drinking coffee with my artist friends. I don't have time to make sure I'm dressed in the latest fashions, with my hair done perfectly. Often I just make sure I have a clean face and pull my hair back into a ponytail.

Lamenting aside, the person I have become isn't a monster. (At least, not usually.) I've learned to organize a houseful of people and become the master-scheduler - keeping everyone on time, and looking half-decent. I've ascended the Mount Everest of socks, time and time again, without passing out. I've learned to cook fabulous food for a hoard of people, on a shoestring budget. My art consists of child-like drawings and paintings, as I hold a baby in one arm and paint or draw with the other, alongside my children as they do art. My music is most often lullabies - sung while snuggled next to a cuddly preschooler as I put him down for a nap. My coffee is a requirement, when I wake up in the morning - it's no longer an accessory to being "artsy".

For now, it's more about time not belonging to me. I've lent it out to 6 little people, and a husband whom I love dearly. Someday, I'll wonder where everyone has gone, (everyone but my spouse, that is), and in the back of my mind, stirrings of a former life may emerge. I'll pick up that pencil and sketch a tree or flower... I'll play the guitar until my fingers are numb. I might even find an obscure coffee shop and sip a latte while writing wise words in my journal. For in that re-emergence, I will be able to draw upon the years and memories I've made.

I'm not really lost - just metamorphosing. I'll put effort into what really matters right now, and one day emerge more beautiful, developed and wise for all the effort.

This post is dedicated to my "artist" friends... Whether you have become transformed by parenting as I have, or somehow have managed to maintain your sanity and creativity... may my words be a toast to you!

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Rachel said...

I miss those days... I recently found some correspondence between us from when I was at Capernwray.