Thursday, June 9, 2011

On the Road With Ma, Pa, and My Big Bro

I'm about to climb on the back of a motorbike with a burly, 6 foot 4, bearded, tattooed biker guy, and race up the highway to cow-town.  I may even play the part and find a leather jacket to wear with my skinny jeans, change my nose-stud to a hoop and put a black bandana over my hair. 

My Big Brother
 It's the beginning of a family adventure that has the makings of a bizzarre indie film that explores the complexities of family dynamics over a decade after the kids have grown up, moved out and lived their own lives. 

I'll be flying "back east" to Ontario with my Ma, Pa and big brother as we take a whirlwind trip to celebrate my Grandpa's 90th birthday and have a family reunion.

 I grew up calling my parents "Ma" and "Pa", just like in the Little House on the Prairie series.  My mom and dad enjoyed the wholesomeness of the popular television series, with Michael Landon as "Charles" and decided that they wanted to be homey and traditional and have us call them by the same  moniker.

So here I am wondering:  What on earth will it be like to cram the next 5 days with constant interaction with my parents and brother?  Will it be awkward?  Will we annoy each other to death?  Will I get bored, lonely, angry, or frustrated?  Keep in mind that I left home about 13 years ago or 4745 days + 3 leap year days, which equals 113, 952 hours of life where I've plotted my own course, made my own choices and adjusted my personal affinities to live life with my husband and develop our own family culture.  I was practically a child when I left home, and I've changed a lot!

Yet... these are the people that brought me into this world, diapered me, clothed me, fed me and taught me the basics of life.  I carry their DNA.  And if we're going to compare the years, days and hours, then these are the people with whom I spent the first 18 years or 6574 days or 157, 776 hours of my life, from birth to moving out, after a year of college and getting married.  Surely that speaks for the bond that lies in the deep, inner space of our hearts?

At any rate, this is certain to be an adventure.  Whether we fight, laugh, pout or become ridiculously bored with one another, we're bound to make some memories to last a lifetime.

Though I am certain to miss my husband and kids, and I prefer not to be away from them, I'll look on the bright side of things.  No diapers, dishes or whining (expect for my own whining) for the next 5 days!

Stay tuned for my thrilling, weird and wild adventures...

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