Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 5 - Spring Cleaning

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Day 5:

I'm going to keep today's update short, but I think in Day 5 I really noticed a difference in my energy. I felt better than I have in a long time, and felt like I was drinking coffee all day (without the jitteryness) and I wasn't drinking coffee! I guess a lot of books and websites about this sort of diet suggest that it can take around 5 days before you stop feeling crappy and start to reap any benefits. While I still am looking forward to eating some treats, and maybe make a nice fluffy loaf of white bread to smother with butter and eat warm, I also don't mind the veggies and the fact that I am continually making eating choices that are better for my body.

So I think that if anyone is going to attempt this sort of diet, you'd have to do at least a week if you want to feel any sort of changes in your body. You can't take the way you feel on Day 3, and say: "Well, if that's the way vegetables are going to make me feel, I never want to eat spinach again!" because the reason you feel that way is not the spinach, but the gunk and sluggishness clearing out of your system from too much sugar. It's also related to the fact that you've been running on a sugar high, instead of tapping into foods that support your body healthily. Also, mentally, I am doing doing a lot better with being content at the end of a meal. Although I am excited for the "off limits" foods, I don't feel as obsessed with them anymore.

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