Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Grand Finale

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Day 10 - I finished my last day!!!  After all my fears about how I would feel when I finally had the freedom to eat sugar and carbs, when I did finally cross the finish line, it was easy to eat a few treats with my husband.  Sugar has never tasted so sweet!   I spent my entire day eating "properly" and decided to break the "fast" around 9pm, since I ceased to eat goodies around that time after my binge at that girls party 10 days ago.

I'll tell you one thing - I've never eaten a tiny snack sized Twix bar so slowly in my life.  It was as if every aspect of that candy bar came alive to me in vivid detail.  The milk chocolate on the outside (which is not my favorite kind of chocolate, so I still need to get my hands on some dark chocolate)  melted in my mouth and onto my fingers, the caramel layer tasted oddly artificial and almost too sugary, and the cookie part crunched in my mouth leaving sugary crumbs to dissolve on my tongue. 

We had a couple of leftover store-bought Nanaimo bars that were in the freezer for me and my husband, and I took those out with high expectations of the ultimate sugar rush!  Sadly, when I ate it, it tasted really artificial and too sweet.  Probably the most enjoyable thing I ate afterwards was a toasted tomato sandwich - my first bread in 10 days.  It was satisfying and tasted real and delicious.  The funny thing was, it contained vegetables!! Ha ha...

So, ultimately, I think I have brought myself to a greater place of control.  I believe I will be better at assessing whether I really want something, or if I'm just wanting to eat it based out of boredom or because it's there.  I think I'll also be better at assessing what my body is truly craving and perhaps I'll give it a lot more of the vegetables that it deserves and needs.  I even bought a rutabaga at the store yesterday!

This 10 Day Cleanse probably merits a follow up in a week or so to gauge longer-term results, so I'll let you all know what I observe.  Now to make some fresh Hot Cross Buns with my kids!  (Can't wait to eat fresh buns!)

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