Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 7 - Spring Cleaning

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Day 7: Well, I can rejoice in the fact that I survived a whole week. Yahoo! However, day 7 left me in bed nearly all day, wondering if the way I felt was related to my cleanse, or if I was suffering from a flu bug. In the end, when I found myself feverish and realized that my symptoms were very similar to the ones my youngest daughter had suffered earlier in the week, it became clear that there was more to my pain than this cleanse.

Being sick definitely wreaked havoc on my resolve yesterday, that's for sure! Although I did not "cheat," for a while I was thinking that I should have juice because I was sick. My husband, who decided to only do the cleanse for one week (therefore being on his last day), was talking about some of the things he would like to eat. Then I asked him to bring me my vintage "special breads" cookbook from the 70's so I could peruse it while I was resting in bed. OH MY GOODNESS! The yeast and sugar was calling to me, mesmerizing me with pictures of bread, muffins and cakes - fluffy pillows of goodness. There were Swedish rolls, cinnamon buns, tea rings, and coffee cakes. I found recipes in there that I've never tried before and vowed to try them when this cleanse is over. I told my husband that looking at the pictures (even though the pages were yellowed with age) was like looking at food porn!

So, basically it was an uneventful 7th day since I was laying around for most of it. Only 3 days to go! One of the things I wonder is if those "forbidden foods" are going to taste as good as I think they will. I also don't want to throw myself into a complete binge either - I'm hoping that having completed this strict regime, I will be able to have more control and not be obsessive about sweets - and mindlessly gobble them down when I eat them!

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